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About Us

Chips + Guac are LIFE!

Seriously, we are obsessed with this delicious snack.

Our tortilla chips are cooked in small batches and hand seasoned with our one of kind spice blend. Our guacamole is hand scooped, chopped, diced, and full of the freshest ingredients. We hold our guacamole to the highest standard. Quality and exceptional flavor is what we strive to deliver with every single batch.  We are scrupulous in our production process and take pride in making the most perfect tasting tortilla chips and guacamole. 

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The pair behind the Pear

Alligator Pear Foods is a true family owned and operated business.
Jay and Emily Dallas started with a food truck in 2013. After a few years they developed quite a following for their uniquely seasoned tortilla chips and fresh guacamole. The snacks became so popular they switched gears to focus solely on growing their small chip & guac company. 
They live in Atlanta with their son Crosby who is their unofficial taste tester.

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